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Laughter balances your stress hormones, reduces inflammation in your arteries, and increases HDL or “good” cholesterol. These effects last at least for 24 hours, according to the American Heart Association.

Dr Johan Janssen has retired

Dr Johan Janssen was trained as a cardiologist in Maastricht, the Netherlands, under Professor Hein Wellens – one of the worlds’ pioneers in the study and treatment of cardiac arrhythmia’s.

After his PhD in cardiac imaging, he joined the faculty as an associate professor before he moved to Rotterdam as an interventional cardiologist.

He was subsequently asked to head a new cardiac development program in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

After an exciting time in the Middle East, Dr Janssen and his family moved to Perth where he joined Western Cardiology.

His interest’s are preventative medicine, diagnosis and treatment of cardiac arrhythmia, diagnosis and treatment of coronary artery disease, aspects of alternative medicine and sports medicine and the heart.

Dr Janssen has numerous scientific publications and chapters in cardiology books and was awarded in 2016 the price for extraordinary service to rural Western Australia.

Dr Janssen has clinics in SJG Subiaco and SJG Midland Private and Public Hospitals, as well as in rooms at Kalgoorlie, Joondalup and Geraldton.

Understanding you heart

Six Important Things About Your Heart

Adult heart beats about 10,000 times each day 01.

Do the math, and that’s at least about one beat per second, or 60 to 100 times per minute, according to American Heart Association.

Age and fitness level affect your heart rate 02.

Generally, as children grow or adults get fitter, the heart rates gets slower.

Heart disease isn’t only the number one killer of men, it’s also the top killer for women 03.

Your heart doesn’t care if you’re from Mars or Venus.

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04. Want to know how big your heart is? Make a fist.

Heart size depends on the size of the person as well as the condition of their heart. Generally speaking, a healthy heart is about the size of the person’s fist.

05. Your heart rate drops while you sleep.

At night, it’s common for heart rates to drop below 60bpm.

06. Heart attack symptoms are different for men and women.

Although heart disease is an equal opportunity killer, symptoms of heart attack show up differently in men versus women.

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